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Building house in shipping container is a great way to become owner of his house.
Shipping container are cheap and available everywhere. Shipping container architecture is a growing part of modular house building. presents shipping container house in Europa and USA , China. Buying a single container can be the beginning of a great adventure.
As every house project , you need to find an architect or plans to build your container house. provides container house plans.

Container size: 20 feet container – 40 feet container

Container size : 20 feet container 40 feet container

Container size : 20 feet container

20 feet container

20 feet container sizeexternal dimensions
Length: 6.058mm
Width: 2.438mm
Height: 2.591mm

internal dimensions
Length: 5.910mm
Width: 2.340mm
Height: 2.388mm

door open
Width: 2.346mm
Height: 2.282mm
Cubing: 33,2m

Maximum weight: 24.000kg
Tara: 2.080kg
load 21.920kg
Container size 40 feet

40 feet container size

40 feet container size

40 feet container size
external dimensions
Length: 12.192mm
Width: 2.438mm
Height: 2.591mm

internal dimensions
Length: 12.044mm
Width: 2.342mm
Height: 2.380mm

door open
Width: 2.337mm
Height: 2.280mm
Cubing: 67.6 m

Maximum weight: 30.480kg
Tara: 3.550kg
load 26.930kg

20 feet container size vs 40 feet container size

20′ container – 20 feet container – container 20 – 20 ft shipping container

20 ft container size

shipping container home plans

shipping container home plans

2 floors shipping container home :

First floor

3 container house plans

Shipping container home Second floor

container homes plan - floor

This container house is built from 3 containers.
The plan of the house has two floors of the house.
This map shows the distribution of parts and shipping containers.

other container homes plans available :

container house

container homes plans – container house plan – home container plan – shipping container home plans – shippingcontainerhomeplans

build a cheap house

Container : build a cheap house

The budget for construction of a house is often the brake to move into a project. The price of land, the price of construction, finishes … An expensive and time consuming to implement together.

The price of container is an advantage. Plant construction also saves time and saves money.

The house can be a simple container garden shed to 2000 €.

shipping container house

container house – cheap house buildingBuild container is also a solution for the self. Self build container is an easy to implement solution using an architect can be a more qualitative approach.

The container house is a house of the future.

Container house – container houses – cheap home building

20 ft container size


container house

container house

These houses are container variety of possible constructions. The container is a LEGO Brick to build. The container construction is a modular solution.

Container house

These houses shipping containers illustrate contemporary architecture.
The imagination is the limit architects built with these containers.

The construction of these houses is the factory and the houses are then assembled on a dry site. The container is economic to build.

container house

Container house – container houses

shipping container home

shipping container home

A new way of building cheap houses.shipping container house

shipping container homeThe container house is a new way to build his house. It is a way to recycle shipping containers

Container homes – container house

Cheap houses are a good way to save money, and recycle old container.

20′ ft container house – cheap container house 20 feet

cheap house building : container house

cheap house building : shipping container house

Build a house inshipping containers is an innovative and more economical solution. In fact, the house is container for a long time for small houses, garden house, home construction …


container houseNow we extend this construction to contemporary homes.
The contemporary house is designed as a polygon. A very glass house, bright.

The container is a recycling material.

These container houses are good examples of modern buildings.

Container house – shipping container house – cheap home building

Cheap home building : container homes.

Container house roof

Container house roof

Models of container house are varied.
The roof is often a flat roof and the contemporary side of the container is highlighted.

In this construction in a 40 feet container pitched roof has been designed to give
traditional color at home.


The roof of this house is purely decorative. It insulates a little house of sunlight.
But it is above all to integrate the container house in the local landscape.

Container house roof

See container house on pinterest

Container house extension

container house extension plan

The expansion of container house by extension is an alternative to the wooden extension or conventional concrete.

The wooden house extension has the advantage of being tailored and trendy. The wood is reputed sustainable if it comes from well-managed forests. The shape of the extension is to be modulated according to the shape of the original home.

container house extension

Container house extension
The extension rubble, concrete is also custom and may take forms quite original and customized. To integrate the architectural framework of the original house.

The extension of this container house by constraints against since it prefabricated modules and forms that are imposed. The number, location, stacking shipping containers allows modularity and custom form but within a geometric limited.

The extension of container house can be managed by self-construction for small projects, and the call to an architect is highly recommended for project size, and the architect becomes obligatory past certain thresholds.

We can draw on expansion plan for container house design their own project. The plan of the extension was, designed by an architect or home builder in container.

Terms of the extension can be referred by a professional to validate the feasibility of the extension container.
container house design home extension Plan – plan extension container house house extension models

Used container

Used shipping container

The container for the construction of a house may be new but it is often used, the container used is the one who has traveled once. Often he crossed the seas, returning from China and remains in Europe. It is a shipping container used. This is an almost new container.



40 feet container

Used container price There are also old container used, they are more to the garden sheds or storage at the bottom of a garden or breakage.

The cost of container used is close to the price of container new, it is the same product with a few more trips. An old container by cons is much less.

A container used 6 meters will cost around 1300

Container used for 12 meters it takes € 1600

cost of a used container – container – Used container shipping time contenair Used cheap container or find a container used

40 containerContainers come from China – china container

40 foot container house

40 foot container house

Construction container is trendy.




These photos of houses in 40 feet container illustrate this trend.
The 40-foot shipping container is the most common container. You can buy a 40-foot shipping container for about 2500 €. These houses are a beautiful contemporary home. Construction container is often a green building.

container-house-picture container-huis-min3

The cube house is also based on the container.

Pictures of houses in 40 feet container.

Shipping container house.



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