container house

Building house in shipping container is a great way to become owner of his house.
Shipping container are cheap and available everywhere. Shipping container architecture is a growing part of modular house building. presents shipping container house in Europa and USA , China. Buying a single container can be the beginning of a great adventure.
As every house project , you need to find an architect or plans to build your container house. provides container house plans.

Cheap house building : container

Cheap house building … Container house

House for € 100,000, € 50,000 house, home to 10 000 what matters is the budget and the project that you want to associate with this budget to build a house.

container house - cheap house building

container house - cheap house building

The price of the house is a combination of a set of elements: choice of materials, selection of contractors, self-construction, surface of my house, finishes …
How to make a cheap home?

The container house can be constructed in the economic measure or prefabricated house is made ​​in the workshop. Finishes, and layout may vary the budget significantly, self-build is a way to greatly underestimate its budget and the price of the house.

There are solutions to end home equity loan, home solutions … the kit container fits into this trend.

It is possible to design and build a container house less than € 70,000.

Container house prices budget home container – container house financing budget building container – container house budget

Container houses seem to be an economic idea to build its house !

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