container house

Building house in shipping container is a great way to become owner of his house.
Shipping container are cheap and available everywhere. Shipping container architecture is a growing part of modular house building. presents shipping container house in Europa and USA , China. Buying a single container can be the beginning of a great adventure.
As every house project , you need to find an architect or plans to build your container house. provides container house plans.

Container house extension

container house extension plan

The expansion of container house by extension is an alternative to the wooden extension or conventional concrete.

The wooden house extension has the advantage of being tailored and trendy. The wood is reputed sustainable if it comes from well-managed forests. The shape of the extension is to be modulated according to the shape of the original home.

container house extension

Container house extension
The extension rubble, concrete is also custom and may take forms quite original and customized. To integrate the architectural framework of the original house.

The extension of this container house by constraints against since it prefabricated modules and forms that are imposed. The number, location, stacking shipping containers allows modularity and custom form but within a geometric limited.

The extension of container house can be managed by self-construction for small projects, and the call to an architect is highly recommended for project size, and the architect becomes obligatory past certain thresholds.

We can draw on expansion plan for container house design their own project. The plan of the extension was, designed by an architect or home builder in container.

Terms of the extension can be referred by a professional to validate the feasibility of the extension container.
container house design home extension Plan – plan extension container house house extension models

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