container house

Building house in shipping container is a great way to become owner of his house.
Shipping container are cheap and available everywhere. Shipping container architecture is a growing part of modular house building. presents shipping container house in Europa and USA , China. Buying a single container can be the beginning of a great adventure.
As every house project , you need to find an architect or plans to build your container house. provides container house plans.

container house model

Model container house

Whether a garden shed or a full house evolved, the container house can happen sometimes Achitecte, it needs a model home. Wholesale model container house is a simulation « stacking«  of containter Maritimes.
Or find a model container house?

container house - cheap house building

container house - cheap house building

Container home of your dreams may not be there yet, it does not appear in any catalog home builder Either you want a custom container house, a house type, a model home which saves including budget design.

Of course the web is rich with container house, but it is often not realized models, sketches too. Whether they are models or container house plans, they can serve as inspiration for your own construction.

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Models are usually done by consultants, builders or architects.

See this design container house in Austria

Container house - plans

Container house - plans

model house container – shipping container house model – construction container house architect container

There’s lot of choice to build in container.

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